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CryoEM Protein Sample Preparation: Spotiton Instrument

In close collaboration with NYSBC/NRAMM we have developed new instrumentation and techniques that allow multiple protein samples to be vitrified onto a single grid for cyroEM analysis. The instrument platform is called Spotiton. The following publications describe the Spotiton instrument and process:

A new method for vitrifying samples for cryoEM.

Razinkov I, Dandey VP, Wei H, Zhang Z, Melnekoff D, Rice WJ, Wigge C, Potter CS, Carragher B.
J Struct Biol. 195(2):190-198. (2016)

Spotiton: A prototype for an integrated inkjet dispense and vitrification system for cryo-TEM

Tilak Jain, Patrick Sheehan, John Crum, Bridget Carragher, Clinton S. Potter.
Journal of Structural Biology, Volume 179, Issue 1, (2012), Process video

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